Monday, February 27, 2012

"Elephant Toothpaste"

"Elephant toothpaste" has become a popular science experiment in our house, thanks to Pinterest and KK's ECFE class. What, exactly, is elephant toothpaste? It's a mix of active dry yeast, hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and food coloring. Super simple and the kiddos love it!

Elephant toothpaste

1 20 oz. bottle
1/2 c. hydrogen peroxide (we used 3%, although I think you'd get better results with 6%)
1 tbsp. active dry yeast
3 tbsp. warm water 
Squirt of liquid dish soap
Optional: food coloring

Add the peroxide and food coloring to your bottle (I used a funnel to make it a little easier, although my funnel was tiny and didn't work as well as I had hoped!). Squirt in some liquid dish soap and give the bottle a swirl or two. In a small dish, mix together the warm water and yeast- be sure all of the yeast dissolves. Lastly, add the yeast (using funnel again) to the bottle and watch the "elephant toothpaste" go all over the place! To keep things as clean as possible, I set the bottle on a pizza pan to contain the mess. It also allowed KK to play with the bubbles afterwards!  :) 

 It's a super quick project that your kiddos will love!

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