Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As I may have mentioned, I'm a mommy to a set of boy/girl twins who are about to turn 3. My son was diagnosed with severe autism in January 2011 and has been on a gluten-free diet since December 2010. I cannot even tell you the difference it has made in his behavior- it was really a miracle, if I do say so myself! I was never under the impression that this diet change would "cure" him, but I figured it didn't hurt to try it out- any improvement was reason enough for me.

About a month before we started the G-Free diet, R-man was constantly head-banging. I'm talking 50 times in an hour, or more. He would have these "episodes" where he would be head-banging, screaming, and rolling on the floor for 1-4 hours at a time, with no way to calm him. If I was lucky, this would only happen once or twice a day, but more often than not it was happening 3-4 times a day for hours at a time. In comes the G-Free diet and out went the "episodes".

He was checked for Celiacs disease twice, but those tests were negative. It's obvious he has an intolerance or "leaky gut", so we have kept up with the diet. Luckily, he was only 20 months old when we started the diet so he really doesn't know what he's missing. I spent so much time on the internet looking for good recipes and it was hard! Then Pinterest entered my life and I started my board "Gluten Free Goodness". It's actually pretty popular- with almost 5,000 followers. If you're looking for good gluten free recipes head over there and check it out. I love that people interact with my board so much, too! Leaving tips after they've tried recipes and letting everyone know if it was a success or a major fail.

My plan is to bring some of the recipes from the Pinterest board over to the blog. Taking photos and giving tips along the way to help make the best of the gluten-free world. I learned very quickly that there are many good recipes and also many "not so good" recipes. It's hard to distinguish and adjust recipes to your liking when you're not too familiar with process.

Are you living G-free, or do you have questions about it? I would love to answer any questions you may have about the gluten-free diet and Autism, or gluten intolerance in general!


  1. Hi there! I am swinging by from mom blog monday! I also have twins, boys who will be 4 in June. I know I am commenting on a post from February but I wanted to find out more about your babies. You are a very strong woman. I encourage you to start a facebook page for your blog. There are so many women out there with children that have autism. I do not have an autistic child, but I have made several "friends" on facebook who do. They are an inspiration. Facebook is a wonderful, easy way to connect with others. I will be following you and hope you keep up with the blogging. You have a very sweet family.

    1. Thanks! I love talking to other mom's with twins- so fun! I took your advice about starting a facebook page for this blog... thank you so much for the suggestion! Now I just need to get people to join. :)

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