Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pick Your Plum

I have a little obsession with cute, craftsy things. Enter: Pick Your Plum- a daily deal site that is sure to win over any Martha Stewart wannabe.

Today's pick are these wrought iron handles. I'm trying very hard not to purchase them, because I think I've gone a bit overboard on PYP lately. But, in case you heart them as much as I do, click the photo and it will take you to the PYP web site where you can purchase them!

Photo from Pick Your Plum. Click on the link to be directed to their web site.

What I also love about PYP is that they have a Pinterest board that has all kinds of crafty ideas that use the products they offer. So, if you're looking at these handles wondering, "What the heck would I do with those?" you can head over to their Pinterest board for some enlightenment! 

I have purchased all kinds of things in the last few months- chalkboard vinyl, dry erase vinyl, chalkboard books, personalized address stamps, personalized name stamps... the list goes on and on! Most if it is still sitting in my craft closet, unused because, well, you know, kids kind of get in the way of my crafting time sometimes. :)  

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